Causes of Kalinga War

A strange story regarding the cause of Kalinga war prevails among the fisherman community of the eastern coast of Odisha. According to this, Asoka invaded Kalinga being infatuated by the beauty of Karuvaki, the daughter of a fisherman and the fiancee of the crown prince of Kalinga.

Nature of kalinga State at the time of Kalinga war

Author: Brajabandhu Mahanta, MAH A highly debatable question of Indian history is “Who is the king of kalinga at the time of Kalinga War”? In other words whether Kalinga a monarchical one or anything else? As we have lacking any historical source in this regard many scholar argue that at the time of kalinga war- …

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The 13th Major rock edict of Asoka

When king Devanampriya Priyadarshi had been anointed eight years, the country of the Kalingas was conquered by him. One Hundred and fifty thousand in number were the men who were deported thence;One hundred and thousand in numbers were those who were slain there; and many times as many those who died. After that, now that …

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