Creation of Separate Province of Odisha an Introduction

The creation of separate province is a significant chapter in the history of modern Odisha. Odsha got disintegrated after 1568 into several regional kingdoms. The Bhois of Khurdha, the Bhanjas of Ghumsur and Myurbhanj and the Chauhans of Sambalpur gradually assumed political prominence. The sway of either the Mughals or the Marathas failed to restore the political unity of Odsha. Odsha was conquered by the East India Company in a gradual manner; first the southern part, then the coastal region and lastly Sambalpur and the adjoining tracts. It is on account of this piecemeal conquest that the British rule could not be imposed upon a united Odsha. For administration, its southern part was tagged with Madras Presidency, the coastal region with Bengal and the Western part with the Central Provinces. The Odia-speaking people were placed under three different administration as neglected, insignificant and minority groups. However, Odisha became a separate state on 1st April, 1936.

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1. The problems of the division of Odisha
2. Story of Creation of a Separate Province or Modern State of Odisha