Sources of Ancient History of Odisha

History writing is impossible without sources, as they are critical. Without sources, history becomes literature or something else. The historical sources serve as a scientific and rational foundation for history writing. There are numerous gaps in the history of ancient Odisha. Due to the availability of new source materials, previously held beliefs have been altered and history has been reconstructed using the newly discovered facts. Similarly, numerous missing links in Odisha’s history have been established as a result of the discovery of new source materials. Thus, sources are at the heart and soul of any state’s history.

Odisha’s history is based on a variety of available sources. There are numerous sources, such as literary sources, foreign accounts, inscriptions, coins, material remains, and Madala Panji, that assist us in writing the history of Odisha. We can discuss the sources of Ancient History of Odisha as follows:

1. Literary Sources
2. Foreign Accounts
3. Inscriptions
4. Coins
5. Archaeological Findings
6. Madala Panji

The sources cited above contribute significantly to the reconstruction of Odisha’s history.